Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Book Launch of Psycho Mansion at PMA House

 Are you suffering from depression, pessimism and dark thoughts about the future of your society and humanity in general? Get better by paying a visit to Psycho Mansion, where such mental diseases are treated (hence the name).
In the works of Ibne Safi (1928-1980), Psycho Mansion is a building that appears to be a mental hospital but where, under cover, the protagonist meets his team for cracking jokes and making plans to fight social evils. This is the name given to the first annotated anthology of the writings of Ibne Safi, since it is believed by some of the presenters of this book that modern education and literary trends of our times are inducing madness, and we need Ibne Safi for restoring our sanity.

How does Ibne Safi do that? Find out for yourself by reading the first anthology of the writings of the most popular fiction-writer of Urdu. It has been promised in good faith that unlike much other fiction, this book will not depress you nor bruise your soul, no matter how realistic the content.

The launching ceremony is being held at Pakistan Medical Association House (PMA House) by Dr. Sher Shah Syed, who can be reached at (0213) 2231534 for RSVP. Speakers include Dr. Sahar Ansari, Humayun Iqbal ("H. Iqbal"), Shakeel Adilzadah, Asif Farrukhi, Ahmad Safi and myself.

Come, if you are interested in the works of Ibne Safi, or generally in literature which aims at fighting pessimism and negativity.

Saturday, February 26, 2011
5: 00 pm
PMA House, Garden Road
(behind Nishat Cinema),

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Psycho Mansion - Ibne Safi

New Publication: “Psycho Mansion – Ibne Safi”

A discussion session on Khurram Ali Shafique’s new book “Psycho Mansion” which is based on excerpts from the renowned Urdu mystery writer Ibne Safi, will be held on Sunday 13thFebruary at Ahsan Memorial Library (201/O Block 2, PECHS near Ghausia Masjid.) Excerpts from Ibne Safi’s books would be presented in support of the fact that he was a “Consensus Writer” – Consensus Literature is a term introduced by Khurram Shafique. Besides Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar and Allama Iqbal, he counts Ibne Safi as one of the Consensus writers as well. A rare opportunity towards understanding the mysteries and messages hidden in the novels of Ibne Safi.

i2L Academy, Ahsan Memorial, 201-O, Block 2 (Opposite Ghausia Mosque), P.E.C.H.Society, Karachi.

Contact: Dr. Irfan Haider, hyder@pafkiet.edu.pk

For Directions: Mr. Waqar, 0346 321 6009

  1. Driving on Tariq Road, if you are going from the liberty signal towards Allah Walla Chowk, take third left, and then take fourth right. Masjid Ghausia would be on your left (if you don’t see the Masjid, you are lost; ask for it). I2L Academy (201/O) is right in front of the shops in the Mosque adjacent to International School.
  2. From Allah Walla Chowk if you are on Shahrahe Quaideen, going towards nursery, take left on the road just after McDonalds. Then, take fifth right. On your left would be Imperial Court (Chinese Restaurant). Go down and then take 3rd right. Masjid Ghausia and its shops would be on your left. (if you don’t see the Masjid, you are lost; ask for it). I2L Academy (201/O) is right in front of the shops in the Mosque adjacent to International school.