Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Power Struggle of Al-Hamra

The enormous sense of failure and trouble which was written in fates of Muslims of Spain (Granada and Cordoba) should be taken in account to anticipate our actions and potential consequences of those actions on collective basis.

However, to great extent we have evaded the insult and humiliation from our memories in relation with that part of history because after the great episode of 1492 A.D it was no longer last in anyway. In continual fashion, the Muslims of Asia and from whole world then faced this disgrace from its interior and then from external sources.

No power of nature has taught us lesson which should be learnt after this extreme example of withdrawal. The lesson of unity and faith , lesson to adhere to the sources of religion and persuasion of footsteps of our predecessors. Muslims was succumbed by a power to gain favor of Christian gods and were totally agreed upon selling their Emmaan (faith). Their passions and energy was used to serve the mission of enemies.

Dil Hamare Yaad e Ahd e Rafta se khali nahi
Apne shahoon ko ye Ummat bholne wali nahi

No matter how much gain has been rewarded, how much compensation has been showered on betrayers. Their names will always be written in history with dark pen under headline of Traitors. They have obscured their afterlife by purchasing little worldly power and rule.

The most interesting part which is a lesson for us is that aftermath of Muslim's domain destruction is not filled with the pleasures of traitors instead they also got strict prohibitions which ended with their disgraceful demise and ebb.

Man ki Dunya main na paya main ne Afrangi ka Raaj,
Man ki Dunya main na dekhay main ne Sheikh o Barhaman.

The gradual erosion of spiritual civilization from Muslim's life was a main reason for the collapse. Syed Ameer Ali, in one his greatest write-up "The Spirit of Islam" has well said that "The lust of Earthly Power has devoured Muslim Ummah".

The spirit is not merely a comparative of fantasy world for Muslims. It is encoded secret of Lord which He Himself did not reveal to His creatures. It depicts that God wants us to unravel the beauty of its creation which is hidden within each and every being. In life of a Muslim the keep-up and protection of this Heavenly gift is more than anything. It represents as a bird and cage is our body (in Eastern Classics).

The heavy and bulbous cage destroys the spiritual enhancement. Food and sex are key-players in this field. The excessive practice of these two malign the splendor of soul.

Enormously Big palaces, beautiful maids, wide, green and stunning valleys of Hispania were like piece of Paradise in this temporary world. Although, the most attractive remains of Spain (with respect to Muslims) are still constructive fineness, architecture and designs. But, if look with deep analysis then one would find that concentrated focus on exterior of world has extracted out lot of spiritual zeal in progressive generation of Hispanic Muslims.

In last stages of ebb, Spain was apparently one place on surface but in reality , muslims wee divided in different groups , ethnicity wise ,politically, on basis of religious argumentation and some was striving to get imminence and favor of new ruling Christian circles of power. These ruling elites easily grabbed any small state (in anarchy and disharmony) in similar way continuously propagate it further.

Analysis by,
Hena Jawaid.


  1. Congratulations, Dr. Jawaid for your complex and thorough study of this history as well as the spiritual applications!

  2. :) Thank you very much Connie L. Nash .....but, i think its still very rough endeavour from my side.

  3. You could not find a picture of ALHAMRA???? I want a good illustration with this post to do justice to your wonderful content :)