Wednesday, April 21, 2010


We have already discussed the alchemy of consensus literature and the constituters of this foundation. William Shakespeare is one of the blossoms of West. Any traditionalist writer or poet who respects the sacred Scriptures and retain the related religious value in hearts of common people through their text/writings, is one who touches the essence of nature.

There is some connection between two; IQBAL & SHAKESPEARE.

Lets discover!

The flowing river mirrors the red glow of dawn,
The quiet of the evening mirrors the evening song,
The rose‑leaf mirrors spring’s beautiful cheek;
The chamber of the cup mirrors the beauty of the wine;
Beauty mirrors Truth, the heart mirrors Beauty;
The beauty of your speech mirrors the heart of human being.
Life finds perfection in your sky‑soaring thought;
Was your luminous nature the goal of existence?
When the eye wished to see you, and looked,
It saw the sun hidden in its own brilliance.
You were hidden from the eyes of the world,
But with your own eyes you saw the world exposed and bare.
Nature guards its mysteries so jealously,
It will never again create one who knows so many secrets.

(Iqbal’s tribute to Shakespeare, 1916)

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Resource Person:
Khurram Ali Shafique.

Venue: Teachers’ Development Center, 129-G, P.E.C.H. Society, Block 2, Karachi.

Phone: (021)4392949

Timings (for all workshops): 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm

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Address Path:-

Landmark on the main Khalid Bin Walid Road is PICASSO, a furniture showroom - it is on your left if you are coming from Noorani Kebab House (from where it isn't very far), and on your right if you are coming from Sharifabad side.

Opposite PICASSO, across the main road, is a STREET going inside. Take that street, and TDC is 7th or 8th house on your right.

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