Friday, May 28, 2010


"I loved my place. I made great friends over there, learned about so many things. Among all other places and homes, it was the only one which gave me a sense of unity and collectivism. The right to say and share anything with my friends was so beautiful that I urged my other friends to come to my home and enjoy lives collectively.... What I really liked about my home was the religion-less boundaries, anyone at anytime, from any religion and belief could come and share his feelings with me and others....

But things have changed now

We all are living in this digital era, in which every person has a virtual home. People live there, enjoy their time, talk with other friends, play games, check about the latest happenings etc. Facebook served its purpose of creating this whole world a single home to connect with everyone without any problems. Now Facebook is a country(homepage) of millions of people (citizens).

From many days, I was thinking about the thing which made Facebook so popular. Collectivism made it popular! Whether you belong to East or West, Asia or America, Islam or Christianity, you can join this ONE home!

Now, when Facebook has started to show disrespect to Islam and Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), by promoting an event on this huge platform (just imagine a group of people are holding banners and cartoons and propagandizing this "Draw cartoons" thing on streets while YOU look out of your home's window), it has decided to finish itself!

Not even Muslims, but people from other religion and countries are quitting facebook as well and they have decided to celebrate "Quit Facebook Day" on 31st May. Their reasons to quit facebook are different (Releasing user data, unfair trade compliant, difficult profile lock-down method etc), but result and final decision is the same! The counter at "quitfacebookday" site shows 13968 quitters right now, including me as well and I will encourage you to add your vote as well.

And people who think that it's just about one page, users will again start using facebook and blah blah... Please go to wikipedia and search about this "Proper Annual Event of drawing cartoons" So NO we Muslims will face this crappy group of Facebook again and again, every year!

I have left my home! Just like the grand day of Hijrat, when enemies hit Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) to the extreme. So He was ordered to migrate from His hometown to the city of Medina along with the true believers.

Just waiting for my home to open so that I can pack my furniture (pics, videos and other stuff) and lock it down forever (delete my account) with the key (disable account button).

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