Friday, April 3, 2009


(The basic idea for taking an example of an art work to demonstrate upheavals of life, is due to the way in which human modify, decorate and embellish an ordinary stones, wood pieces into fine model of art. it is similar to the nature’s own conduct, through which she produces a wise man from a very crude and rough body of soil unto the prudent man of LORD,”MARD E MOMIN”. But both of these phenomena run in opposite direction. Nature starts and travels beyond beauty)


Dr Allama Mohammad Iqbal.

Sculpture is a creation and conversion of rough material into fine piece of art. There are two types of sculpture on earth: 1.Artificial sculpture 2.Natural sculpture In artificial sculpture, we obtain block of stone with rough, irregular surface and cut out its ending to make it a required part of a set which would be appropriate for a final shape. After passing from this phase of hard cutouts, including elimination of non-essential parts. It enters a phase of minor furnishing and surfacing. This is more delicate work than prior for a fine representation.

Whenever Almighty gives any great task to His mankind. He ultimately divides an individual’s life into certain phases. This shows the way to the formation of a living art. Then the process of Natural sculpture comes into an action.

Natural sculpture is shortly a “life”, which includes an invisible wear and tear of conscious and sub conscious level. It leads from self to general disaster. Let’s start from self-disaster. A first process starts from within (Mini war). This is a phase of conscious and sub conscious calamity. It encircles our self only. One who has tolerates and endures each phase of self-disaster with harmony and patience. He can get ability to enter in part of general disaster (Grand war). This phase is like last phase of artificial sculpture, which includes minor cuts for material surfacing.

Unfortunately, 85% of people trap in a self-disaster phase. Their lives, employment, joys, sorrows are absolutely for their own self. They have inability to see outside a circle of self-disaster. General disaster does not open its door for them. When man successfully endures critically hard times of his soul, experiences many upheavals of psychological and spiritual mode of life. Then very unconsciously he generates a mass of conceptual divine knowledge within himself. He breaks a circle around him, broadens his view and emotions.

Then, phase of general disaster opens its door for him towards humanity. Now his love and sympathy for his own failures turns into tears for historical and social pain of human beings He allows his sentiments, self determinations to consume for people, this last phase is somehow similar to the initial step of artificial sculpture that is major cuts and elimination of unnecessary parts. And, it is this phase through which history has shaped Iqbal, Bu Ali Sina ,Al-Ghazali and Einstein. Iqbal, in particular, throughout his life emphasized his reader to pass out from path of personal needs, pains and desires so that you can feel universal grief of mankind. One who can’t recognize him self cannot change world.

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