Thursday, May 7, 2009

11th IS session (02/05/09) - Summary

The 11th session of Iqbal Sciences was focused on 6th Stage present in Attar's "The Conference of Birds" called The Valley of Wonderment.
The presence of a state which is full of metamorphosis of a person on collective and individual level representing disorientation of a whole society is a beginning of new life. It's not vain in any way as this disintegration and formation is shaping out our destiny towards final realm of Golden Age. According to Iqbal's educational approach, Ego is present in three forms; Finite, Collective and Ultimate. From this discourse, he signified the essence of Collective Ego. The best way to identify it is through 'Consensus'. This is a complete and harmonious move towards whole society.
The access towards Consensus is much deteriorated due to a division in society's pattern of thinking by "High Culture". The said theme imported from West containing disdain and total dir-regard for selected group of people present in a social order.
It has distanced a common person from thinking and also regarded him as unable to do this. This behavior of ignorance left a great mass in a shell that remained unheard. Although, very few souls from our history dissociated from this course and gave significance to every class regardless of any occupational or social norms.
The Spirit of Unity, according to the nature is a ruling power. , whoever addressed this issue has remained immortal in her or his heart and also in the hearts of their followers.

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