Thursday, May 21, 2009

Summary of IS session -16-05-09

From last session, 8- week course has been introduced to the regular participants consisting upon IQBAL literary and poetry work . Session covered 5 initial chapters of "Republic of Rumi" (by Khurram Ali Shafique).

The only way to enter into a Garden is the great move towards understanding and vision that can only be developed successfully if one removes all accounts of previous values and fantasies.

"With the help of parable, poetry, flute and some whirling dance he soon raised the plebeians to such level of religious elevation where they all could vote on matters of religious interpretation. The clergy became very upset…."

This level of union, faith, and spiritual highness can give way towards Eternity. This is a message, Iqbal wanted to be observed by his nation.

Just to snatch Democracy from East or impart them democracy without Spiritual realm is all that is fatal for Ummah.

Lack of Spiritualism has begotten the ravenous wave of greed, lust and insatiable hunger for more and more that has oriented bodily life but deprived one from listening spiritual call. The entire treasures of this mortal world would be useless if heart does not learn to become satisfied for whatever it has.

"Whoever devours grass would eng-up under the butcher's knife. Whoever feeds on the light of God becomes the Word of God.."

P.S- kindly study Part 01 (Crisis) - 03 (Reversal) for the next sitting, 23/05.

Dr. Hena Jawaid

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