Friday, July 17, 2009

SOIS Summary 11th July- 2009

Four wisdoms have clearly outlined; to see things as they are, to see principles, to see Unrealized Potential, to make connections and to observe Contrasts

In first line, we see "Both Worlds" – referring to one is invisible and other is visible. In the same way, one verse is appeared to you while other one is hidden.

It completes five wisdoms.

Our journey is basically divided into seven stages which are further divided into five Zones. Before every zone there are two channels; inlet and outlet.

The wisdom of Adam is associated with "things as they are".

"Greed is still acting its play of Imperialism."

Khidr 's comment on nature of kingship. It is a mission statement in a Parliament of Spiritual Democracy. This is a handful of dust that contains energies of all worlds.

Principles associated with Wisdom of Angels. Although, Angels status is not unknown to human kind but handful of dust has captured concentration of other world too.

The peasant's fields are desolate from tyranny of the Landlord-

Revolt, Revolt!

O, Revolt!

This is the fate of handful dust that it will outshine all stars of universe because it contains an Unrealized Potential, A Soul. This is an un-known attribute to a men, even God did not disclose its secret to humans. Every being is in curl of potential anxious to break the silence of secret.

Connections and contrasts are linked with Wisdom of Love. Love is a ruling power and a centre of all faiths. It is dissolving distinctions among people and destroying differences for life.
Wisdom of Civilization is covering all Known dimensions of Universe.

I bow down before myself… Poet lives in India and Mekkah is Westward from India.

The petals of Rose and Tulip… Flowers and Birds are related with East in classic poetry.

In the workshop, that is the world… Dunya word came into existence from Aadna which can be taken as down.

The Heavenly Bodies… Up

They have put up their feet… Caravans and travelers find their ways through North Star.

Either the Register of possibles has no blank pages left.
Or the Pen of Fate has grown too tired to write…

last is taken as South because all dimensions have been fulfilled by above-mentioned verses.

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