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Summary of SOIS session - 27th June‏

The Persian Psalms "Zabuur e Ajam", consisted upon 4 parts which are identical, hence named as " Temple of New David".

There are 56 poems in Persian Psalm which is divided into 7 sets, representing 7 stages of journey. As, one enters the first chamber of Persian psalms, he/she finds 7 prayer/wishes which is representing state (kaifiyat) of each stage.

As one goes along with these wishes, he/she will subsequently find them as key or code for the next stage. First, second and third Wishes represent request for genuine vision that must be deprived from influences /references, removal of previous knowledge/ideas and discovery of New Adam, an Ocean that wants to flow beyond boundaries.

Reader will find himself at 4th stage, where Joseph can be found but explanation of His discovery is quite difficult here for now.

"I come to you having washed my heart of every image."
Despite of higher aspirations, the earth link is Absolute reality which is still necessary for the course.

Towards 5th stage, a breeze of Hope raises to sing a song of life. A new way of life is ahead. A man is a potential source from where dichotomized realities are heading away:

The sky, the earth

The river, the desert

The Sun and the Moon

Sixth stage is a Show of Inner being "Tamasha e Zaat", the inner wine is intoxicating heart. No need for external resources. Only heart of awaken Soul is accepted here, dissolve in pure love of Beloved.

At last stage 7,

"illuminat my lifeless clay with light of the song of David."

The above prayer led to last stage where poet saying to God:

O Lord of Sun and Moon! Look at my scattered dust too

Every particle is agitating, look at this wilderness.

The narration is quite unexpected because "Scattered Dust" means Death. The death of main character who is nothing but, A Reader.


Iqbal Academy Pakistan is offering a series of weekly workshops about the basic ideas of Dr. Sir Muhammad Iqbal and related subjects. Participation is free for the month of April, but due to limited space, please register yourself in advance and be there in time (seats will be given on a “first come first” basis).

Resource Person:
Khurram Ali Shafique, author of The Republic of Rumi: A Novel of Reality

Venue: Teachers’ Development Center,


Timings (for all workshops): 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Contact for further information:

Dr. Hena Jawaid

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