Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Workshop on Shakespeare According to Iqbal‏

Society of Iqbal Studies presents with compliments from Iqbal Academy Pakistan
Workshop on Shakespeare According to Iqbal At Teachers’ Development Centre , Karachi
Resource Person:Khurram Ali Shafique

author of Iqbal: An Illustrated Biography
Winner of the Presidential Iqbal Award.

No other poet has offered a greater tribute to Shakespeare than Iqbal, who said about him in one of his finest poems, “Nature guards its secrets so jealously that it shall never again produce someone who knows so many of them.”
Which of the many layers of meanings in the playwright’s work was Iqbal referring to? Is it possible that some of the messages of Shakespeare have been imbibed by the masses of Pakistan through intermediaries and might be shaping the society as we know it? Can Shakespeare be relevant to the future of the world as it stands today?

If you do not know anything about Shakespeare, this workshop is the place to begin. If you think you know everything, then this might be a place for discovering something new. Come and find out at Teachers’ Development Centre, Karachi – on Saturday 12 December, 2009 from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

Participation is only through invitation. Please confirm your participation in advance, and also let us know if you would like to bring a friend along.

Contact Dr. Hena Jawaid henajawaid000@hotmail.com


  1. What an exciting, well-written and compelling brochure! And the content of the presentation sounds even more interesting. NOTHING outside of someone dying would keep me from going were I there! Let us know as much as is possible. Will there be a video? Plz arrange so all of us and for history. I would love a copy I could show here in our beautiful new public library!

  2. hmmm....yes it is quite an idea ! Dear Connie.

    I asked Shafique Sahib to present us the written speech he made on his ART COUCIL ceremony about his book on IQBAL.

    I will again asked him to make all the confress and workshops on paper or on video too so that we may have authority to go back and revive what we had learned.

    I think all these workshops value alot and we should save them for future references.

    Lets see what Shafique Sahib has to say about it?

    hmmm....finger crossed...

  3. YES, I'm completely in agreement, Thinking, and am so happy you have asked this same request of ALL possible conference, workshops and presentations. YES, the work here is immense in both tangible volume, depth and value for so many. I want to make the teachings known where I live and with my contacts around the world.

    Will also keep fingers crossed and trust this availabilty will happen when/if best.

    So, at least Shafique Sahib, don't allow any unnecessary humilty get in the way, alright?