Friday, December 4, 2009

5th Dec', 2009

Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

“I do not mystify anybody when I say that things in India are not what they appear to be. The meaning of this, however, will dawn upon you only when you have achieved a real collective ego to look at them.”

Address delivered by Iqbal in Allahabad on December 30, 1930

As we have explored the significance of "the collective ego". Sir Syed Ahmad personified it as a common soul, who says, “I am the spirit of all human beings.” Aligarh was not merely a foundation which was erected to deliver modern education. But, was a desire to recollect lost treasure of Muslim's society.

The sacrifices of a man for his nation………… Sir Syed Ahmad Khan to reawake the Common Ego.
Iqbal Academy Pakistan is offering a series of weekly workshops about the basic ideas of Dr. Sir Muhammad Iqbal and related subjects. Participation is free for the month of April, but due to limited space, please register yourself in advance and be there in time (seats will be given on a “first come first” basis).Resource Person:Khurram Ali Shafique, author of The Republic of Rumi: A Novel of Reality Venue: Teachers’ Development Center, Karachi. Timings (for all workshops): 3:00 pm to 6:00 pmContact for further information: Dr. Hena Jawaid


  1. This topic is among the top interests for me beginning with -Secrets of the Self- and continuing with your recent posts...

    Although I'm still a bit "stuck" by the need to define myself so distinctly in terms of my temporal nation and/or "love of" the nation in which I happened to have been born, I am open to stretching my willingness to look at this in new ways.

    When in Africa, I first became aware how terribly botched were the divisions of nations by the British in East Africa which create violence to this day...

    Yet the goal of working toward achieving a Collective Ego is, I sense, a clear and more achievable goal for me and perhaps for many others (for example so many displaced who live outside of homeland, who may become citizens of the newer land out of safety, marriage, etc. or those who are born to immigrants, those who are deeply a part of several nations, etc.)...

    Then there is the final question: to whom or to Whom do we ultimately give our highest most complete allegiance?

  2. Nash,the purpose to reawake common ego is that to rosonate one string which is common in all social beings present at that time. In order to unify them for single purpose which can bring destiny closer to the sight.

  3. Dear Connie.....nice question.

    I think Shafique Sahib can give a better answer but I thought something new and so is here to share it with you.

    You give your complete allegiance to your MAKER. And that's it.

    So many times I read or comment that religion has nothing to do with killing or suffering nowadays.

    But I think it is....its all about religion.

    As I follow ALLAH...I dont want anyone else follwing Jessus or Bhagwan or Budha alive.

    I want to kill them or want to convert them all so that I can become the most worthy infront of my MAKER.

    Even Allah has allowed so many other gods in HIS world. HE still allowing people to follow Jesus and Budha or Bhagwan. HE is not sending any kind of miserable or deadly strom on those people. They are still alive and happy.

    Your Jesus or my ALLAH...your budha or my bhagwan....we are all their creatures or inventions.

    They invented us and sent us in this world to praise them not to kill and swept other's gods inventions.

    If all these gods and my ALLAH are in harmony and we are not listening any quarrel between them...than why bother to have such quarrels here in this world among us (all inventions) ???

    Let our ALLAH or MAKER sort everything out between them and have peace in world.

    If we just start believing that our purpose is not to become super worthy will solve everything...hmmm......

    Do you get what I meant here ? I mean I even puzzled

  4. Wow, this is quite a well-thought out and UNIQUE perspective. YES, I think you for this and agree that if we let go striving to become "super worthy" everything to which we come with truth, love and authentic selfhood minus division will help prevent violence to the "other" or violence to the "self"...

    Yes, I agree, the purpose is NOT to be better than another or even to figure out when or how to be better's following love.

    Maybe there is one more item I would add...that is that perhaps we are "guided" by Allah with HIS Holy Spirit to certain "places" at certain points in our's Love, really drawing us. And if we see that this is another "school" for us with another beautiful set of the "community of us all" - there need be no contractiction, no strife...just seeing the part of the other who is like me and yet can challenge me to better awareness of the CENTER of us all in God?

  5. hmm...yes Dear Connie....

    If we just manage seeing the good in other selves might save us lot of struggle and false vanity.

    I am quite agree but how to turn one's mind when one's practice of life is to look down other and make them feel guilty of their lack of or even luck????

    While we extend our hand to help someone it is crucial that our hand would be on the uper side but it does not mean it makes us on upper side of humanity..hmmm...because accepting the help require lot of self analysis and most of the time break the heart of the needy. And may be its just the matter of time.

    hmmm... thanks for sharing my thoughts.