Friday, November 13, 2009

7th - Nov' 2009

"There are no contradictions in universe; contradictions exist when you want to see contradictions."
-- SOIS session- 7th November.

The session concentrated on "Nine Questions". The idea of Nine Questions was introduced by Khurram Ali Shafique in "The Republic of Rumi". (2007). He explained, what were the Nine Questions which Iqbal persistently asked and concerned for???
The answer is given by course of "NATURE" itself.

Earlier when we read it at session we related the links and studied how after an era of Iqbal the asked terms unfolded in works of next generation.

Later now, recently we studied it with a poem of Iqbal "Taaloo-e-Islam", where we have realized the answering pattern of whole poem regarding "Nine Questions". These are based on following parameters:

"I am the creative Truth"

Iqbal has conceptualized the unification of religious thoughts with scientific or modern minds. In "IQBAL; Ibtadai Daur", Khurram Ali Shafique has pointed out this infra-structure of Iqbal's era that people were curiously interested to put science in every realm of knowledge even in philosophy and social studies.
Chapter-04, page- 53
"Taslees ka Madressah ;1905"

Although, it's not a futile process but there are evidence of Religious themes/ Hikma behind every scientific moves, if one considers without any bias inference.

Iqbal Academy Pakistan is offering a series of weekly workshops about the basic ideas of Dr. Sir Muhammad Iqbal and related subjects. Participation is free for the month of April, but due to limited space, please register yourself in advance and be there in time (seats will be given on a “first come first” basis).Resource Person:Khurram Ali Shafique, author of The Republic of Rumi: A Novel of Reality Venue: Teachers’ Development Center, Karachi.

Timings (for all workshops): 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Contact for further information:

Dr. Hena Jawaid

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