Monday, November 23, 2009

21st November, 2009

"The most important thing is the literature which any society chooses; causing greatest impact on its thinking pattern"
-Society of Iqbal Studies, 21st Nov', 2009

Last session of SOIS explored various stages from which the course of consensus passed. Although to keep one and unified desire is contrary to principles of Nature herself as variation is a soul of nature and collectively it is constructive to acknowledge it.

To accommodate diversified thoughts and opinions constitute real base of Spiritual democracy that represents the real foundation of society. The decrement in tolerance and aversion in present era against opinions of fellowman greatly due to the patterns we have developed by our own choice. There is a clear sense of perception of arrogance which has divided and induced attitude of indifference among people. From last 30 years the reading culture which has been followed was classifying the level of cognition and understanding.

It was a high culture society in which vendor, unschooled mass was devoid of any brain, thoughts and spirit.

Not only in this regard, the most important thing of high culture is "this world is permanent and bad, which one can not avoid." The concept contains suicidal direction and course for its followers. This has been a pre-dominant theme of thought in Europe from where the reading culture has been derived. It has introduced disappointment and obscurity in thoughts of society. These emotions are engraved into souls of those who closely linked up with this culture.

It is the idea of higher and lower states of thoughts; moreover this inspiration of ignorance from people who were considered as "Lower Mass"; our approach in modern days manifests rotten minds engulfed by creepers of high culture.

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