Monday, November 2, 2009

The Magic Word‏


It seems to have a magic of its own, but even if we don't discuss that for now, the minimum that humanity needs today, especially Pakistan for its survival, is that everyone should be willing to modify their views in order to accomodate others'.
We might be amazed to see that none of the so-called progressive ideologies and so-called perfect democracies have this on their agenda. They have created myths of "commitment", "conviction", etc, all nice words to hide the fact that no political party, ideology or "ism" today is willing to say to another, "I may be wrong as well, and I will know this from your response."

This is what we need to change. What do u think?


Khurram Ali Shafique
Research Consultant,
Iqbal Academy Pakistan.
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  1. Shafique Sahib

    You are right but only talking about the word would not bring the magic. We should try to spread it like a spell.

    How can we spread this new atribute? Which is very crucial for human being and significant for whole humanity.

    I think first we need to develop it in our own behaviour. I am trying to find out about me and my behaviour towards other. Where and what are the timings when I just dont want to listen any more and want to do what I already planned in my mind. Or what are the chances of me not to listen to people and ask for their guidance and think that I am always right?

    Or may be we should start figure out why at the first place people want other fellow to think of them as "god" ? Why they cant accept the fact that they are human being and can make mistakes too?